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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Whose Hebron? Jewish Presence 2373 Years Prior To Muslim Invasion

In a nutshell
Located in the Judean Hills south of Jerusalem, Hebron is the site of the oldest Jewish community in the world. Jews have lived in Hebron since 1735 BCE. Two thousand three hundred and seventy three years later, the Arab Muslims arrived. As usual, the Muslims built their Mosques on Jewish and Christian holy sites. That is the genesis of the present-day conflict over Hebron.

In 1929 Arab hordes attacked the Ancient Jewish community of Hebron, massacring, raping, and pillaging, exactly as IS - ISIS - ISIL is doing today to the Christian communities of Syria and Iraq. No, nothing has changed. Those Jews who were not massacred fled their family homes of millennia. Arabs took over the Jewish properties. All this happened while the British authorities turned a blind eye -  just as the West is doing today while Muslims annihilate Christian communities in N. Africa and the Middle East.  

In 1948 Jordan illegally took over Hebron which was later, in the Six Day War of 1967, retaken by Israel. Today Arabs still occupy most of the Jewish properties. 

Generally, since the '67 war Jews have been trying to re-establish their community in Hebron. Even with original deeds of ownership in hand, their efforts have been curbed, hindered, and bound due to pressures put on the Government of Israel by foreign powers (Eu, USA, U.N., Russia) whose economic and strategic interests are cohesive to the fraudulent Arab narrative.  Nevertheless, a few Jewish properties have been recovered and re-inhabited by Jews. 

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