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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Ex - Israeli Arab MP 'Azmi Bashara': "There Is No Palestinian Nation"

"When Were There Palestinians"?

Azmi Bashara, an Israeli-Arab ex-member of the Israeli parliament (Knesset) who later fled for spying against Israel, had this to say on an evening talk show:

". . . I don't think there is a Palestinian Nation at all. Nooo, I believe there is an Arab Nation,
ehhh, I've always thought this, I haven't changed my view. I don't believe there is a Palestinian Nation, I think that is a (British) colonial invention - Palestinian Nation. When were there Palestinians?, ehh where ehh what (laughing) this ... this. I think, I think there is an Arab Nation. I (laughing) haven't become -   despite my ardent struggle against the occupation -  I haven't become a Palestinian patriot -  ever. I think that Palestine, until the end of the 19th century was southern Greater Syria . . ."

The most valuable service that Azmi Bashara did for Israel was to leave the truth recorded on an evening talk show he took part in before fleeing the country. An astounding 39 sec clip.

Azmi Bashara,  born in 1956, in Nazareth, is an Israeli-Arab born to a Catholic family. His parents were from 2 small villages in Galilee, "Rama" and "Tarshiha." He studied for degrees in Haifa University and Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  His doctorate studies he undertook in East Berlin.In 1999 as leader of a communist party (his father was a communist activist) he ran against Benjamin Netanyahu for the Premiership. As a Knesset (Parliament) member Bashaera was politically active in Israeli politics until he was found caught spying for Hezbollah during the 2006 war. As a result he fled the country in 2007. Point of interest: It took the Israeli democratic system until 2011 to cancel his annual salary and benefits of a working Parliament member.

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