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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Caroline Glick Explains the Roots of genocidal Jew Hatred

by Caroline Glick

...the left in the United States is introducing an ideology that is fundamentally un-American, that is based upon a totalitarian idea...
 (Americans, you will be most interested at the 8:09 mark of this 14:51 min. viewing.) 

 ... made the United States the only country to date that didn't have the same genocidal Jew hatred at the root of it's identity that we saw in country after country in Europe that we see in the Arab world, it was that the United states, it's forefathers, had this idea
that was based on the torah, of  rule of law, of limited government, of the responsibility of individuals to make that decision between good and evil. And to choose good and to have the liberty from government to be able to make that choice. ...

The whole concept of the modern state is based upon the philosophical works of men like John Selden and John Locke, Thomas Hobbes who were Hebrew scholars, who based  their whole concept of a modern state that these men put together, on the rule of law, on divine law meaning that man could not be a totalitarian because we are not G-d. Meaning that there was no way you could not question authority because men are imperfect. And therefore if you have a man who is your ruler he cannot be perfect because he is not G-d. 

That was the whole concept of limited government, the whole concept of the modern state was based on the Hebrew bible and it was transported from the British enlightenment to the new world through the American Founding Fathers. And it was the basis of all the institutions of checks and balances and limited government in this country and of communalism as opposed to a central church, a hierarchy church. 

And what do we see today? Why is it that we see more and more and more Jew-hatred and attacks on Jews in US universities, in political circles on the left? Because the left in the United States is introducing an ideology that is fundamentally un-American, that is based upon a totalitarian idea of a governing power that is absolute, that knows better, BETTER, than an individual what's good for him or her. And if you know better than I do what's good for me, what's good for my children then you're in absolute power. And if you are in absolute power you have to reject Jews, because absolute powers must reject Jews, who understand that there is no such thing except G-d, and by the way, you are not Him! . . .  we see the Americans confused for the first time about what side they are supposed to be on. . . .

Caroline Glick is a Columbia U Graduate, Harvard Graduate, Captain in IDF, Coordinator of Negotiations with the PLO, Foreign Policy Advisor for Israel, Deputy Managing Editor Jerusalem Post, Reporter for Israel's Channel 2 TV, Chicago Sun Times, Israel's Ma'ariv Newspaper, Correspondent with US Forces during liberation of Baghdad. Full bio

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