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Friday, April 8, 2016

Is There a Modern-Day International Judenrat?

During the six year genocide of Jews in Europe there were, surprisingly -- or not -- Jews that profited from the horrific situation their bretheren were in.
  As far back as 1933, Nazi policy makers had discussed establishing Jewish-led institutions to carry out anti-Jewish policies. Thus the Judenrat was born. Some Jews were drafted and others volunteered. Those of integrity left the Judenrat as soon as they realized they were required to colaborate with the nazis against their own people. Those that willfully served in the Judenrat did so for reasons of personal gain --  security of a regular income, great profits from extortion of fellow Jews, and preferential treatment by the Nazis. All of this of course, was at the expense of the general Jewish population.

Without exception, whether in biblical times or modern times, Jews have always been at the height of their affluence and intoxication at being allowed to hobnob amongst non-Jews. But defeat was never with the sudden blow of an ax. It was always the result of a very clear and methodical publicized campaign - a plan for all to see – destroy the Jews. We Jews always choose not to see it. What an interesting phenomenon. Moreso interesting is the fact that we allow Jews to walk among us supporting our oppressors.

It's only been 70 since the last attempt to wipe the Jewish People off the face of the earth, and yet here we are again. Jews, more loyal to liberal progressive ideas are leading the world toward the next Jewish Holocaust.

But is it for ideas alone that these treasonous Jewish individuals and organizations work against Israel? Probably not. Many of these Jews belong to NGOs funded with astronomical sums of money by countries and individuals that either openly call for the destruction of Israel as a Jewish State or mildly disguise their intent.

It would be interesting to learn just what size of monthly income it takes for, say, leaders of "Breaking the Silence," or "B'Tselem" to work against the good of their own people. To travel the world bad-mouthing the very society that they grew up in. They say they are trying to make real change, but if this were true why would they not make use of the democratic institutions and tools available in the thriving democracy at home in Israel? Could it be that these individuals would otherwise be unemployed? Is it possible they enjoy being the center of attention? Any guess will do as it is impossible for a logical person to understand what make's a Jew wake up in the morning and decide that he is now working for the enemies of his own country and his own people.

Many American Jews and Israeli Jews, living comfortable lives, have taken up a new hobby -- bringing Israel to her knees. "J-street" and the "New Israel Fund" have the audacity to sit in the luxury of  the richest country in the world, forcefully undermining Israel's democratic processesses. Such arrogance can only exist in a society of fat overfed pseudo-intellectuals that have the sustenance to lose touch with reality and reshape the physics of a mankind's moral compass.

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