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Monday, January 18, 2016

Is Hussein Obama Helping to Shape the Arab Narrative?

There can be little doubt that Hussein Obama is playing an active roll honing the direction of the Arab narrative relating to their age-old goal of destroying Israel. In 2010 the Egyptian Foreign Minister reported having Obama say to him: "I have a problem with some domestic issues, and as soon as I finish with the health care question, you Muslims will see what I will do for Islam regarding Israel."

In light of Hussein Obama's astounding policies evolving in the Middle East, the information provided in this 3 minute clip seems irrefutable. It seems quite clear that while Obama is "fundamentally changing the face of America," as he promised, he is also fundimentaly changing the structure of the Arab-Israeli conflict

Moreover, Hussein Obama has surrounded himself with personnel that are members of the Muslim Brotherhood. All of America's security branches have reported that they have been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood. The education system has "advisers" shaping the education of American children. They will be the voters of tomorrow.

See also: Does Hussein Obama intend to shoot down Israeli Jets if they attack Iran? After all, the agreement he signed with Iran says just that. 1 min clip

H. Shipless

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